See, here’s the thing. Cause I thought she was like, 45, right? Went back, bing bang boom. The next day, she’s making me breakfast. I’m looking at the pictures on the wall. And I’m like, “Hey, is this your mom and dad?” She’s said, “No. That’s me and my husband in World War II.” I fell the fuck out!


You know, sometimes you just have to let shit go or it will fuck up your future.


All the preconceived notions that I had, what should’ve been, could’ve been, what I expected… that’s not real. Nobody has to perform the way you think. You just have to be okay with it.


To be in a committed relationship, you know, it’s about pretty much investing a very large percent of your time for them.

Nick in Gigolos 2.03


  • Brace:

    You know what some of them do, though? They take it in their mouth, they go in the bathroom, they put it in a syringe and they shoot it up their pie.

  • Vin:

    WHO does that?!!

  • Brace:

    Oh it happens, it happens.

I go, “What am I supposed to do?”. She goes, “Be a man!”. I’m like, “I don’t even hardly know you!!!”

Brace in Gigolos

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